Dog Nose Balm

Stanley’s Dog Nose Balm will soothe and moisturise your dog’s dry nose, helping restore a dry and crusty snout to its moist and shiny glory. It’s soothing, moisturising, and with 100% natural ingredients, entirely lick-safe.


Coconut oil - this delivers rich moisture to your dog’s nose and sinks in deeply to all the cracks and folds. It’s antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral, too - ideal for noses.
Shea butter - moisturising and with anti-inflammatory and healing properties, shea butter is ideal for nourishing noses.
Vitamin E - soothing, richly antioxidant and hugely beneficial for itchy, uncomfortable and dry noses.
Beeswax - beeswax deeply moisturises a chapped nose and forms a protective barrier over any cracks and dryness. It acts to lock in moisture, and also has anti-inflammatory properties.
Calendula Oil - traditionally used for its wound-healing properties, calendula oil calms irritation and helps to soothe a dry, cracked snout. 
Olive Oil - key to getting that nose moist and shiny, olive oil sinks in deeply and locks in moisture.  It’s also rich in antioxidants and vitamin E to help protect against inflammation.

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Stanley’s Paw Balm is made for dogs, which means it contains 100% natural ingredients and none of the potentially harmful chemicals you might find in moisturising products for humans.

What does nose balm do?

Stanley’s Dog Nose Balm brings quick relief and lasting comfort by moisturising and soothing your dog’s dry nose - just as you would use a protective chapstick for your dry lips on a windy day.

Maintaining moisture on your dog’s snout is important: dogs rely on scent to interpret the world and scent particles stick better to damp surfaces. So as well as being uncomfortable, a dry nose can impede your dog’s sense of smell.

How to use Stanley's Nose Balm

The balm naturally hardens at room temperature, but rolling a pea-sized amount in between your fingertips will have it soft and ready to apply in no time. Once it’s softened slightly, just gently apply to your dog’s nose.

Stanley’s Nose Balm is absorbed quickly, but for the best results, try to help your dog avoid licking it off their nose straight away by distracting them with a treat, toy or mealtime straight after applying. If your dog finds it irresistibly lickable, don’t worry: our 100% natural ingredients are not harmful.

Repeat this process as required two to three times a day, until the snout is soothed and nourished.


Only a pea-sized amount is required each time you use it, so a tin of Nose Balm is likely to last for a good few months.

Our tins contain 60ml of balm, weigh about 60g when full and measure 70mm x 20mm.

There's no harm in it being licked off as it contains all-natural ingredients that are safe for dogs. But we've found it's best to distract with a toy, treat or meal time after applying to give it the best chance of sinking in. Lots of other paw balms available are rather beautifully scented, which is great if you're putting it on human hands, but less so when it's for a dog's paws! Ours is purposefully unscented to discourage licking. But of course, dogs will be dogs. 

Our paw balm contains geranium essential oil. This is ideal for paws as it has fantastic antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties, but it means our paw balm is naturally lightly scented. Nose balm contains no geranium oil to keep it scent-free so more suited to your dog’s sensitive nose.

Yes! The cardboard is recyclable, the tape is eco-friendly and can be left on the box for recycling. The tissue paper inside is compostable or can also go in the recycling. We hope you'll keep the tin to re-use (it's handy as a treat-carrying tin when out on walks), but that too can be recycled.