About Stanley’s Paw Balm

Albie joined our family from a shelter in Romania. She was perfectly healthy, but she’d been kept in concrete-floored kennels before joining us – and it had been hot. When she arrived, her paws were sore, dry and cracked, and they didn’t seem to improve naturally.

We did some research into what we could use to make her paws better and discovered that moisturising products designed for humans aren’t particularly safe for dogs: vaseline, for example, is petroleum-based and so unsurprisingly is not the best thing for dogs to ingest.

Like every dog, Albie just loves to sniff and lick stuff – that, and sticking her head out of the cat flap to look at what’s going on in the garden. It was clear that potentially toxic human products weren’t going to work to heal her paws.

Made For Dogs

So, we made an all natural, non-harmful Paw Balm and Nose Balm that’s lick-safe and super-effective. 

Albie’s paws soon went from dry and sore to moisturised, smooth and supple. And that’s despite her daily regime of playing with the cats and running around the countryside!

Based in London, we’re proud to keep the paws and noses of busy little (and large) dogs like Albie in great shape.

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