Why does your bulldog have a dry nose?

bulldog dry nose

Sociable, courageous and requiring only moderate exercise, bulldogs make great companions. They do require a bit of extra TLC though when it comes to skincare – for example, those wrinkles on their face need to be cleaned often to prevent the risk of infections such as skin fold dermatitis.

As well as their skin, bulldogs can also be more susceptible to a dry nose, which might need a bit of attention. 

Why do bulldogs’ noses get crusty and dry?

Like other breeds in the brachycephalic family such as Frenchies and pugs, bulldogs can get dry noses thanks to their unique anatomy: their tongue can’t easily reach their nose, which keeps it drier than in other breeds.

What else can make a bulldog’s nose dry?

Dry, crusty noses in bulldogs can also be caused by factors that can affect any breed; factors like dry, hot weather, allergies and sleep can all cause a dry nose in dogs.

Nasal hyperkeratosis in bulldogs

Caused by the buildup of excess keratin, bulldogs can be susceptible to a condition called nasal hyperkeratosis. This might lead to a crusty nose thanks to the growth of that excess protein in the form of hard calluses. Nasal hyperkeratosis, although generally regarded as a cosmetic issue, can make your bulldog’s nose crusty, dry and cracked, which will be uncomfortable for your pup. 

There’s no cure for hyperkeratosis, and although it’s not usually serious, you should always check with your vet first and rule out any other conditions. 

How to help your bulldog’s dry nose

Using an all-natural nose balm packed full of soothing and healing oils and butters will moisturise your bulldog’s dry nose and ease the dry, cracked symptoms of nasal hyperkeratosis.

Avoid using moisturisers or lotions that aren’t designed for dogs, as these can include ingredients that aren’t safe for your bulldog to ingest.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions about nose balm for your bulldog!