Does your French bulldog have a dry nose?

french bulldog dry nose

The UK is a nation of Frenchie lovers – in their 2021 survey, Rover put French bulldogs as the fourth most popular breed in the country. But unfortunately it’s also well-known that as a breed, they’re not without their problems. 

One of these is a predisposition to dry noses. 

Like any dog, scent is the most important sense to French bulldogs, and a dry nose can impede this. So, it’s important you take steps to minimise a dry and crusty snout on your Frenchie!

Should a French Bulldog’s nose be dry? 

French bulldogs, along with other popular breeds like pugs and boxers, are part of the Brachycephalic family of dogs, which means ‘short-headed’. As a result of the short snout, it’s harder for Frenchies and other brachycephalic dogs to lick their nose. This means it gets less moisture, leading to dryness. 

Whilst our flat-faced Frenchie friends can be more susceptible to a dry and crusty nose, there are several other factors that can cause a dry nose in any breed:

  • The weather, as being exposed to heat, wind or cold can lead to dryness. When it’s cold, your pup might be more likely to sleep near a heat source, which’ll dry things out too. 
  • Age – older dogs are more likely to have drier noses. 
  • Sleep – dogs don’t lick their noses whilst they’re asleep, so when they wake up it can be more dry than usual. 
  • Allergies – a dry nose can be caused by allergies to things like pollen and dust. 
  • Dehydration – after a lot of exercise, your dog might get a dry nose as a result of dehydration. 

French bulldogs & Hyperkeratosis

Bracyhephalic breeds might be predisposed to hyperkeratosis. This condition causes the overproduction of keratin, which leads to crusty growths on your pup’s paws and nose. 

Nasal hyperkeratosis is different to simply a dry nose, and although it can’t be cured, it can be treated with the help of a nose balm. 

Should you put vaseline on your French bulldog’s nose?

No – as with all breeds, avoid putting vaseline on your Frenchie’s nose. It contains petroleum, which if ingested when they lick their nose, can upset their stomach. 

Treat the problem with Nose Balm for French bulldogs

A dog-friendly nose balm is ideal for treating a Frenchie’s crusty nose.  

With all-natural ingredients, it won’t be potentially harmful like Vaseline or other products designed for humans might be. 

A purpose-made balm, applied a few times a day can step in where their tongue can’t reach and provide soothing moisture, keeping your Frenchie’s nose moist and crust-free! 

If your French bulldog is suffering from dry paws as well as a sore snout, check out our blog on how to treat dry dog paws! Looking for some inspiration for new products for your pup? We’ve also rounded up our favourite French bulldog accessories.