5 must-have French bulldog accessories

french bulldog accessories

French bulldogs are charming little dogs and one of the most popular breeds in the UK. Whether you’re bringing home your first Frenchie or are after pampering your pup with something new, our rundown of five top French bulldog accessories from some of our favourite brands is sure to get tails wagging.

Essential Accessories For French Bulldogs

1) Ten Year Tag

A name tag is an essential item for any French bulldog.

Having grown tired of replacing their dog’s name tag every couple of months after it broke or became unreadable, the Ten Year Tags team took matters into their own hands. 

Made in the UK from solid brass, the 2mm thickness makes Ten Year Tag’s dog name tags thicker than most tags on the market and allows for deeper engraving – they’re strong, sturdy, won’t rust and are built to last.

In fact, they have so much confidence in the durability of their tags that they’re guaranteed for ten years – even if you lose it. 

If the thousands of top reviews from their Etsy shop don’t sway you, take a look at their gallery of happy customers!

2) Dog Nose Balm

French bulldogs and other brachycephalic breeds can be more prone to getting a dry nose as their snout sits high on their flat faces, making it harder for them to lick. This can be uncomfortable and impede their sense of smell.

Other general causes that can affect any breed include dehydration, exposure to hot or cold weather, allergies, lying next to a heat source or simply getting old. Bringing soothing relief and moisture to dry snouts, a made-for-dogs dog nose balm is particularly useful for breeds like Frenchies which can be more predisposed to suffering from a dry nose. Stanley’s Dog Nose Balm is made in the UK with all natural ingredients and can help soothe dry and crusty noses.

If you’re also after protecting your Frenchie’s paws, we offer moisturising dog paw balm, which soothes dry and cracked paws and is perfect to protect paws from the elements.

french bulldog nose

3) Fluff Trough Elevated Bowl

It can be tough to find the right bowl for your flat faced friend. With a very short snout, French bulldogs can struggle to reach food in ‘standard’ dog bowls; a shallower bowl will make it easier for them to reach their food. Slow feeder bowls are also an option if they’re guzzling everything down too quickly.

One of the best bowls we found for Frenchies is the Fluff Trough. Designed specifically for flat-faced breeds, Fluff Trough bowls are designed for pets that can struggle to eat from regular bowls. They’re recommended by vets for flat-faced breeds, because they help promote:

– Better posture
– Easier breathing due to posture
– Reduced neck/back strain
– Better digestion 

What’s more, the Fluff Trough looks stylish and is available in several different colours. Pawtion are the UK supplier of Fluff Trough bowls – check them out here and ensure your Frenchie is eating in a safe and healthy way!

4) Ruffwear Harness

As a brachycephalic breed, French bulldogs are susceptible to BOAS – Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome. Anything that puts extra pressure on their airway – such as a tight fitting collar – can lead to more severe problems, so many owners opt for a harness instead, particularly if their Frenchie pulls on the lead.

Ruffwear is a brand that started in California in the 1990s, with a focus on high quality materials for outdoor dogs.

Whilst a French bulldog might not be the most outdoorsy dog breed, we really like Ruffwear’s focus on hardwearing materials and their built to last, sustainable ethos.

Their Front Range harness is ideal for an adventurous Frenchie. It’s fully adjustable at four different points, has a pocket to store dog ID tags, multiple reflective strips and two points at which to attach the lead – ideal for dogs that pull on the lead.

Although it’s slightly more expensive than other harnesses, we think it’s definitely worth it!

5) Ralph & Co Dog Bed

As tempting as it might be to let your Frenchie sleep on the sofa or your bed all the time, all dogs need a bed space of their own. Not only does their own space provide a sense of security, they help keep your furniture fur and smell-free.

Designed in the UK and made in Italy, Ralph & Co make a lovely dog bed. Their medium sized Lincoln Nest bed is ideal for Frenchies, and its sophisticated herringbone design will look great anywhere in the home.

The inner cushion is reversible and machine washable, so you can keep it smelling fresh and minimise fur and dander collection. Rated by the Independent as one of 2022’s best dog beds, like all of the French bulldog accessories on this list, the Lincoln Nest is the ideal choice for the discerning Frenchie owner.