Can you put moisturiser on dogs’ paws?

dry old paw

It can be fairly common for dogs’ paws to become dry, and this can be caused by a number of different factors like hot or cold weather, allergies or skin conditions.

But if you’ve noticed that your pup’s paws have become dry and cracked, don’t reach for your own moisturiser just yet.

Why shouldn’t you use human moisturisers on dogs’ paws?

One simple reason: dogs like licking things.

If you’ve looked at the back of a lot of moisturisers and lotions, you’ll generally see a long list of different ingredients, emollients and chemical compounds. In some cases these can be harmful to dogs, so it’s best to avoid the risk of them licking off a lot of moisturiser or lotion and ingesting potentially harmful chemicals that are designed for use on humans.

Likewise, the compounds used to perfume moisturisers and lotions can be upsetting to your dog’ sensitive nose.

Instead, look to use a moisturiser designed for dogs’ paws which is safe if ingested.

Using all-natural healing and moisturising ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter and vitamin E, a made-for-dogs paw balm ensures your pup’s dry and cracked pads get a much-needed burst of moisture, whilst avoiding the potentially harmful effects of the chemicals and compounds found in human products. 

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